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Scottish Trust Deed

A Scottish Trust Deed is available to people who’ve been living in Scotland for more than 6 months, who have unsecured debt of £5,000 or more. Normally Scottish Trust Deeds last for 48 months and after that period, any outstanding unsecured debt is legally written off. Get help with debt today. Complete our form, or give us a call.


Debt Arrangement Scheme

A Scottish Debt Arrangement Scheme allows you to repay your unsecured debts with affordable monthly payments. The interest and charges on your debt can be frozen after you have completed an agreed payment plan. Get help with debt today. Complete our form, or give us a call.


Minimal Asset Process

MAP Sequestration (Minimal Asset Pprocess) bankruptcy is a way to write off debts you can't afford. It's aimed at residents of Scotland with a lower income and few assets, and has a more severe impact on your credit rating than a Scottish Trust Deed, or DAS. However, it can sometimes be the most effective and useful way that someone can move forward from their debts. Get help with debt today. Complete our form, or give us a call.


How will Debt Helpline Scotland help me?

Debt Helpline Scotland is a professional debt advice company. Every day we give people help with debt. Using our free and confidential Scottish debt advice, we've helped thousands of people break free from their personal debt. We're all too familiar with the stress and worry that comes with being in debt but we know how to turn that anxiety into meaningful outcomes.

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Frequently Asked Questions

The most asked questions we get about debt in Scotland

What’s the disadvantage to Trust Deeds?

The main impact for you will be that it has a negative effect on your credit rating. Credit reference agencies will assess the level of risk based your on financial history. which may include a Scottish Trust Deed, however, once your Scottish Trust Deed is completed, you can start to rebuild your credit rating.

If you fail to make a payment under your Scottish Trust Deed agreement without first contacting your Trustee for discussion and permission, you may find the Trust deed fails and your unsecured creditors are entitled to pursue you for sequestration.

Will I be contacted by creditors when I am in a Scottish Trust Deed?

No. Once the Scottish Trust Deed has gained protected status all creditors included in the Trust Deed can only deal with your Trustee.

By law, they can no longer harass you to reclaim debt, and we will relay any relevant information to you ourselves.

Get help with debt today. Use our debt repayment calculator to find out what you may be eligible for.

Is my home and car protected in a Scottish Trust Deed or Debt Arrangement Scheme?

While situations vary, it is highly unlikely you will have to give up your home or vehicle in the process of setting up a Scottish Trust Deed or DAS.

If you choose to give up your home voluntarily, then that is an option available to you. If your car is brand new or of significant value then you may have to settle for a more affordable vehicle.

Keep in mind that accepting debt help from us is the best way to protect your assets.

Will my creditors agree to a Scottish Trust Deed?

On average, over 90% of Scottish Trust Deeds proposals are accepted.

Even if some creditors reject the proposal, they will still be legally bound by its terms, even if they object as long as creditors totaling more than 67% of the debt value accept.

In the unlikely event your Scottish Trust Deed did fail, your trustee would negotiate your case in an attempt to have it accepted or review other debt solutions such as Debt Arrangement Scheme and Minimal Asset Process / Sequestration.

What debts can I include in a Trust Deed or DAS?

Almost all types of unsecured debts can be included such as:

Unsecured Personal Loans, Catalogue Debts, Credit Cards, Store Cards, Payday Loans, Council Tax Arrears, Bank Overdraft Facilities, Credit Unions, Previous Mortgage Shortfalls, Vehicle Hire Purchase & PCP Agreements where you no longer have the vehicle and HMRC.

Get help with debts now by completing our enquiry form, or using our debt repayment calculator tool.

Are there any upfront fees for Scottish Trust Deeds?

Any fees that apply for setting up and overseeing your Trust Deed are taken from your monthly contribution, or from the sale of assets in cases where this is necessary to fulfil the Scottish Trust Deed.

There is no initial fee for entering into a Scottish Trust Deed.

But remember, if you need help with debts in Scotland – getting in contact with our team for expert Scottish debt help costs absolutely nothing.